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A Note of Thanks

October 04, 2019 2:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear Epiphany Friends,

It’s remarkable to me that six months have passed since we said farewell to each other. Words cannot begin to convey how much I miss all of you. At the same time, I am loving the new ministry in Maine. The rhythm and the responsibilities are different from parish ministry, and certainly I am put in mind every day about how little I know. Nonetheless, there is excitement and an eagerness to get acquainted with the people of Maine. Next month I meet in two gatherings with the clergy (where I’m supposed to have something to say), and then, it’s the diocesan convention, where I’m really supposed to have something to say. I’ve already put nearly 6000 miles on the diocesan truck, which I affectionately call “the Oliver Leland”—the first and middle names of the 5th Bishop of Maine, who had also been a rector in Massachusetts, at St. Mark’s in Dorcester.

Thank you for the exquisite gift of vestments (cope, chasuble, stole, and miter), given to me for the consecration in June and presented on you behalf by David McSweeney, Ellen Wilson, and Emily Holt. They were constructed by a designer in Brooklyn (who made Bishop Gates’ vestments), and whenever I wear them I see the dedication label on the inside which reads “for the tenth Bishop of Maine, Thomas J. Brown, given to the greater glory of God by the Parish of the Epiphany, in thanksgiving for their tenth Rector.” They’re a beautiful reminder not only of our decade together, but also of our futures: yours is as bright as ever, and as for mine, well, I am saying my prayers and leaning wholly on Jesus. You taught me how to do that, and so much more.

Tom and I send our love and our life-long thanks for the seasons we shared.

As ever,


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