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  • What hymns are meaningful and comforting to you?

What hymns are meaningful and comforting to you?

  • July 06, 2020
  • July 31, 2020

Our lives have all changed a great deal over the past few months! I certainly never imagined having to social distance from my closest friends and relatives, and I never would have imagined not being able to worship, pray, and sing with all of you in our beautiful church. Everything is different, and I have noticed myself looking for things that give me comfort during these strange times.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that singing hymns is one of the things that revives my soul. Their beautiful, poetic texts often seem to be able to express my joy, sorrow, hope, or longing in ways that other things don’t. While I love singing hymns surrounded by choirs and congregations with organ and brass, I also find humming or singing a hymn as I go about my day comforting. I’m guessing that many of you can identify with this as well.

This summer I would love to hear about the hymns that you find meaningful, and I would love to use them in our worship. Maybe it is a hymn that reminds you of your grandmother, and it makes you feel warm and loved each time you hear it. Or maybe it is a hymn that fills you with joy each time you sing. Whatever it may be, I hope you will let me know.

Please email the names of a couple of hymns that you would like to sing this summer. If you have a specific reason why you find these hymns meaningful, I would love to know that as well. I can’t promise that I will use everyone’s hymns during the summer, but I will do my best to include as many as possible. They don’t have to be from our hymnal, but know that I am being extra diligent with copyright laws now that we are streaming our services online, so I may not be able to get permission to use every hymn. Please email me at cbenner@3crowns.org .

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