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About Us: Stewardship


Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself?    The Baptismal Covenant, p. 305, The Book of Common Prayer

We believe that a rich life is ultimately about being a steward; taking care of all that God has freely and lovingly given us. Not only do we care for the earth, our bodies, our church, and each other — we also take care to make good choices about what we do with our financial resources.

The Parish of the Epiphany conducts a year-round program joyously asking for members and friends to make financial contributions. What we do comes from your generous pledges of time and money; we receive no funding from beyond our parish’s community.

Would you like to make a contribution or electronic pledge payment using Epiphany's secure system?  For more information about giving to the Epiphany community, contact our financial administrator, Suzy Westcott.

Please note that Epiphany is charged 3% of your transaction amount for payments using a credit card.

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Neighbor to Neighbor - 2018 Annual Commitment Campaign

Click here to see a packet of campaign material including a pledge form.

Neighbor to Neighbor  runs until Ingathering Sunday, 19 November, when we will celebrate our connections with each other and all of our neighbors at a reception following the 10:00am service.

Each pledge, prayerfully made, is a building block of the foundation that supports our day-to-day, local, and global ministries. This year, we add to that the opportunity to deepen our connection to our nearest neighbors in Christ, those who worship with us at Epiphany. We are blessed beyond measure to be a part of such a vibrant and committed Parish. Let's work together to build God's kingdom on earth.

What’s different this year?
Epiphany’s 400 active households have been gathered into 15 neighborhoods, from North Reading to Watertown. The households in the 15 neighborhoods, each named for and guided by a disciple, will pass a canvas bag containing their neighborhood’s pledge packets from house to house. The 15 bags, with sealed pledge cards enclosed, will then make their way back to the Parish Office by 13 November, to be tallied in time for the following Sunday’s ingathering. Households considered too remote, or for whom participation in the relay might be difficult, will receive campaign materials via U.S. mail and pledge by mail, via the offering plate, or at www.3crowns.org.

Why are we doing it this way?
Neighbor to Neighbor provides a way to make connections with our Epiphany neighbors. The simple act of ringing a neighbor’s doorbell and passing the bag from your household to theirs provides an opportunity for a deeper relationship with another member of the Parish.

How will it work?

  • The 15 disciples, having received their bags, will complete his or her pledge card, seal it, put it in the bag, and pass the bag to the next household on the list.
  • The bags will include a simple instruction sheet and routing list, including the names of the 15 to 20 households in the neighborhood; a letter from Associate Rector Miriam Gelfer describing our hopes for the 2018 campaign; a FAQs handout about stewardship at Epiphany; and a pledge form and return envelope for each participant.
  • The relay portion of the campaign will run from 22 October to 13 November. Miriam’s October 15th sermon encouraged us to pray and think about our pledge ahead of time, so that we can move the bag quickly when it arrives. There will be a “we have made our pledge online” checkbox on the card. Additionally, if needed, a family can pull their card and complete it later.
  • Disciples will stay in touch with their neighborhoods and manage progress behind the scenes. Time is short, and the bag needs to move quickly! Three additional disciples will make themselves available, along with Stewardship Chair Darwin Keith-Lucas for questions and help.
  • All the bags and any pledge cards that were either distributed by mail or pulled by parishioners will be returned to the Parish Office by Monday, 13 November for tallying before the ingathering on
    19 November. On that day, we will rejoice in our neighbors and a job well done during the 10:00am service. A festive reception will follow!

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70 Church Street
Winchester, MA 01890
Phone: 781.729.1922



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