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Bread for the Journey - 2019 Annual Commitment Campaign

Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself?    The Baptismal Covenant, p. 305, The Book of Common Prayer

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Bread for the Journey  runs until Ingathering Sunday, 2 December, when we will celebrate our journey with each other at a reception following the 10:00am service.

Dear Epiphany Family,

When I was about 12 years old, my grandparents were active leaders on their church’s stewardship committee. I think my grandfather was the recording secretary of everybody’s pledges (or else he was a bookie on the side!) because there was a great deal of hush-hush and insistence that I not touch the papers on his desk.

One Sunday morning, presumably pledge ingathering day, I found my grandparents sitting at their kitchen table finishing their prayers and then filling out their pledge card.

As we prepare for a new year of fruitful ministry at the Parish of the Epiphany, it may be that you will follow in my grandparents’ footsteps by sitting down and praying about what you will give. Or perhaps your approach will look more like mine, and you will mull over your commitment, asking God for the courage to take one more step up.

Regardless of your approach, I challenge you to join me in asking God for greater trust. As together we seek to become more generous, let us trust that our spirit of generosity can grow only with God’s help. This year’s annual commitment campaign borrows directly from the adult formation committee’s theme, Bread for the Journey. It is a perfect theme because it echoes Jesus’s teaching about how to pray: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. . . give us this day our daily bread….” and also because bread, money, time, devotion, worship, formation, mission, parish life, and pastoral care are all necessary for the journey. When we share these good gifts, there is always more than enough.

In Bread for the Journey, Father Henri Nouwen writes:

The table, for us, is the Parish of the Epiphany. It’s an intimate place where we give ourselves to each other, where we give ourselves to God, and from which we serve the world in God’s name and because of God’s love. With your support and time, added together with everybody else’s, we can set a bountiful feast.

Please pray about giving generously so that there is bread for the journey and a table for all.

Faithfully in Christ,

The Reverend Thomas J. Brown

Bread for the Journey: 
2019 Stewardship Campaign

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