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About Us: Rector Transition

December 2019

Parish Profile

Click here to read the complete Parish Profile. 

If you are interested in applying, please submit material by 15 February 2020, including a cover letter, resume or CV, your OTM profile, and a means for accessing up to three of your sermons. Email material to rectorsearch@3crowns.org.

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10 July 2019

Charge from the Vestry to the Search Committee

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to read the Vestry's Charge for the newly formed Rector's Search Committee. 

4 June 2019

Search Committee Members
The vestry met on Sunday, 2 June and finalized the Search Committee for our 11th Rector. Here is the full list of search committee members:

Jim Bracciale
Susan Becker
Priscilla Burns
Alex Cumming, co-youth representative
Thom Fries, vestry representative
Kim Hardy Erskine
Liz Kinchen, committee co-chair
Laurie Minniti
Jake Montwieler
Thyra Roller, co-youth representative
Charlene Sanna
Michael Schrader, committee co-chair
Ed Wickramasinghe

Please join us in thanking these individuals for putting themselves forward to serve us in this very important call. And please join us in this prayer for the newly formed committee:

Gracious God, we ask your direction and guidance for those who shall choose our new spiritual leader, that we may receive an upright and faithful rector who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries. May they help us ask anew what it means to be the Church in our time, our place. And may we all welcome according to your Spirit the one you are sending to us to lead us into the new days ahead. Amen.

 27 May 2019

Announcing The Reverend Sarah Conner, Interim Priest

In case you missed the announcement, we want to be sure you know what we have a appointed an Interim Priest, The Reverend Sarah Conner. Rev. Conner has been a full-time interim minister in the Diocese of Massachusetts for more than fifteen years. She has served a variety of parishes over the years, most recently St. Peter’s in Cambridge and Trinity in Concord. Prior to ordination, she worked for several years in publishing. Sarah lives in Arlington; she is a cradle Episcopalian and lifelong New Englander.

Sarah started a well-deserved sabbatical last month, and she will be joining us on 1 October, refreshed and ready to serve with us until we call our next rector.

February 2019

From a Warden: Blessed with Joy

When I first learned that Thomas was on the ballot for the Bishop of Maine, I got an uncomfortable knot in my stomach. What will we do? How will the wardens and vestry cope with all that needs to get done? The staff will feel unsettled, will they leave too? What is Miriam thinking? We will miss Thomas so much, what do I pray for… that Thomas is not elected?

Now that the election is over and Thomas is indeed “Bishop-Elect,” I have had time to reflect and pray over what is in store for the Parish of the Epiphany, and my feelings have changed. I am very happy for and proud of Thomas, he will be a wonderful addition to the Episcopal diocese of Maine and Maine will be an energizing place for him. The knot in my stomach is gone, replaced by feelings of excitement and anticipation of walking together with all of you during this time of transition.

Thomas was called to be our 10th rector in 2009. His leaving after almost ten years is very normal in the life cycle of an Episcopal parish, although very few Rectors leave their church as a Bishop. We can all expect some type of major change or transition in our lives every ten years or so, and our church life is no different. Dave McSweeney and I are aware that Thomas’ leaving will affect us differently. I am keenly aware that some of our elderly envisioned Thomas presiding at their own or their spouse’s funeral, some of our newcomers may be thinking “I just got here, I hardly know Thomas, and I want to know him better,” our children may not know what all the fuss is about, and many of us fear a time of uncertainty. Please know that we do understand this can be an emotional time and I hope that we make this journey together with grace and prayer.

When I get overwhelmed with too much to do in too little time I turn to lists. The Diocese of Massachusetts makes the transition process a little easier for us by providing a fairly extensive “checklist” of the tasks that we'll complete during this time. One of the first things to do is to give Thomas a proper good bye. We are currently planning a party on the evening of Sunday, March 24th to celebrate with both Thomas and his spouse, Tom Mousin. On Thomas’ last Sunday, March 31st, we will have a luncheon at 11:15 am, after the 10:00 am service. We will have two opportunities to be together, so please put those dates on your calendar and let us know if you can help with organizing either of these events.

Dave and I met with our Regional Canon Martha Hubbard this past Friday, and the next step on the “checklist” is to discuss how to set ourselves up for a successful search. We are very pleased to report to you that Miriam Gelfer, our Associate Rector, will serve as our “Bridge Priest” until we engage an Interim Priest. We also discussed with Canon Hubbard the process for calling an Interim Priest. An Interim Priest is specially trained to assist a parish to evaluate its mission and ministry and to help the parish prepare for the arrival of a new rector. Dave and I will have an opportunity to interview many Interim Priests but Miriam’s time as a Bridge Priest could be as long as six months.

During a time of transition, our diocesan canons make it clear that the role of the Interim Priest is to supervise the staff and to perform the offices of a priest (baptisms, weddings, funerals, services, pastoral care), and the wardens along with the vestry are the chief lay officers and legal agents of the parish.

You will have the chance to hear directly from Canon Hubbard on March 17th. She will preach at both services and speak at the 9:00 am hour when we will discuss in more detail about the search process, so please join us for this important informational session.

“We pray that our new rector will provide long-term stability for us, allowing us to develop, articulate, and work together toward a shared mission for the parish. We hope above all else that every action of our rector will be rooted in Christ and Christian spirituality. We seek a woman or man of God who will embrace us completely and help us love others more fully.”

As I reflect upon this statement taken from the 2008 parish profile and written during a time of transition, I am struck by how blessed we have been. Thomas did bring stability, I have observed that our spirituality has grown both individually and as a congregation, and we certainly love others more fully as displayed by becoming a much more welcoming community than we were in 2008.

Please join Dave and me as we anticipate with joy, and as we share this joy in the next stage of our communal lives together.

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Suzanne Owayda, Warden

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