July 13, 2023

Sacred Ordinary Days

A few weeks ago, a group of us ventured into the White Mountains of New Hampshire for our Youth Hut Hike. The weather forecast was charming: rain and overcast skies for the next three days. On the first day, we went on a day hike up to a summit. Even though it was just a day hike, we wore our backpacks, tested out our hiking boots, and got prepared for our bigger hike the next day. When we got to the top of the summit, we were in a cloud:


I had no idea what the view was supposed to be like, but the cloudy, overcast vibe was beautiful in its own right. We had no idea how high up we were or what any of the surroundings were like. 

A couple days later, John Jenke texted Ellen Wilson and me what the view was supposed to look like:


Wow! What a view! I literally had no idea that that was right in front of me.

In the church calendar, we are in a season called “Ordinary Time.” The liturgical colors are green, signifying life and growth. Most of the church calendar year is Ordinary Time. When I first heard about Ordinary Time, it confirmed for me something I had always felt. Not all of life is spectacular summit views; a lot of it is, well, ordinary. And that’s okay. Kind of like that day at the summit when there wasn’t any view at all. But just because we couldn’t see it that day, doesn’t mean it’s not there. There are days when the beauty around us is more visible and other days when it might feel far away, but it’s still there. 

In these days when the light stretches late into the day, when memories of past summers feel like yesterday and forever ago, and in simple reminders like the joy of a popsicle on a hot day — God is with us. In the ordinary, mundane days, we learn to receive every moment as a gift from our Creator. Ordinary Time is here to remind us that most of life is, well, ordinary. What makes those ordinary days beautiful too, is the people we get to journey alongside. 

That day on the foggy summit — The view? Not great. The company? Incredible.

Here’s the secret: the ordinary days, those are sacred, too.

Peace to you,
Rev. Janelle

Epiphany at St. Luke's on Saturday

On the third Saturday of each month Epiphany serves food at St. Luke’s in Chelsea for those experiencing food insecurity. We will be serving both breakfast and lunch this Saturday, July 15th. You can sign up for either the morning or afternoon shift. Kids and families are encouraged to volunteer! If you're interested in volunteering, sign up at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/stlukes2#/


Team Epiphany Completes Tri-State Trek

Hello Beloved Community,

On the weekend of June 24-25, Team Epiphany participated in the Tri-State Trek which you may have been hearing about in this newsletter. Cyclists from Parish of the Epiphany rode up to 200 miles over the weekend either in person or virtually to support the ALS Therapy Development Institute. It was a fun and moving event where the ALS community came together to ride, break bread, tell stories, and celebrate the progress being made against this horrible disease. We were honored to ride especially for our friends and fellow parishioners, Rick Marks and Steve Lewis, who succumbed to this disease in past years.

Overall, three of us completed at least a century (100-mile ride) over the weekend, with four of us participating in person both days, but many more participated virtually, riding and walking many more in various locales. Most importantly, the team has raised over $14,000 for ALS research, which puts our team – our parish – in 9th place overall of all the teams which participated. And, it’s not too late to help – you can help our parish climb that leader board by contributing at www.team-epiphany.org. Though the ride is completed, the fundraising continues.

And though riding bikes is fun, the real story is that as a group we raised $590,535.78 (and counting) over the weekend. And not two days after the event, the ALS-TDI announced a major expansion of the ALS Research Collaborative, which you can read about here: https://www.als.net/news/announcing-the-expansion-of-arc/

Though maybe not as sexy as a new drug in clinical trials, this study framework is an extensive enabling technology that will accelerate the pace of drug discover and approval.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed and prayed for us, and especially the riders and walkers: Josh Reynolds, Dana Long, Jason Kinchen, Kate Reynolds, Eileen Marks, Ellen Willson, Liz Kinchen, Abby Schrader, and Michael Schrader.

Epiphany Garden Update

Epiphany has partnered with "Gardens For Good," a collaboration of gardeners and gardens in Winchester to provide food for local food pantries. Our small but mighty garden plot in the Bishop's garden is thriving with onions, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes thanks to the faithful care of our Creation Care group. If you're interested in learning more or helping tend the garden, let Rev. Janelle know at jhiroshige@3crowns.org

Help Support B-SAFE at Epiphany

Summer is here and our B-SAFE (the Summer Program run by St. Stephen's Youth Programs) Field Day and Magic Show is a few weeks away! Around 80 young people and staff will come to Winchester for a morning of magic and lunch at Epiphany and an afternoon of splashing, running, and playing games at Shannon Beach on Mystic Lake. I need all of the help I can get to pull this off— volunteers, food donation,s and gift cards. Please read below to see where you might want to pitch in...

1. For Friday, July 28 when the kids come to us, we will need food donations for lunch and many volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly and the kids and staff feel welcome and have a great time.

Sign up here to donate food for the lunch

Sign up here to volunteer to help at Epiphany or at the lake

2. We will provide gift cards for those in the SSYP community who experience food insecurity. In past summers we have supplied bags of groceries but recently we have shifted to providing gift cards to give recipients more autonomy to buy exactly what they need for their families. I am looking for cards in $25 and $50 amounts from either Stop and Shop or Target (both are accessible for our families). I hope to be able to give each family $50.

Sign up here to donate gift cards (scroll to the bottom of the list)

3. We are invited to come into SSYP (in the South End of Boston) and assist our parent chefs with preparing, serving, and cleaning up lunch. We do not have to plan menus or buy food as in the past. I have signed up during the week of July 24 and invite you to join me (or you can volunteer any day during any of the 5 weeks of program). It's a great way to meet some kids and staff before they come out to Winchester. I'm guessing the time frame will be in the 10-2 range. We can carpool if there is interest.

Sign up here to help at St. Stephen's in the South End.

Thank you so much for all of the many ways you have and will support our partnership with SSYP and the B-SAFE Summer Program! Please reach out with any questions. 

Betsy Walsh


Summer Choir: Every Sunday at 9am

The Summer Choir assists in leading the music at our 10am services, and anyone (entering 2nd grade or older) is invited to sing. Simply be in the choir loft at 9am on any Sunday you choose, and we will prepare the music for that day. Contact Jeremy at jbruns@3crowns.org with any questions.

Save the Date!

Jeremy Bruns will perform at Methuen Memorial Music Hall Wednesday, August 9, 2023 at 7:30pm. Due to a recent cancellation, Jeremy has agreed to take the August 9 event. The program will be announced in the near future, once it has been decided— watch this space. If you haven’t yet seen or heard the magnificent organ in Methuen Memorial Music Hall, this is the perfect opportunity! Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at https://mmmh.org. 192 Broadway, Methuen MA 01844. Doors open at 7:00pm. Tickets: Adults $15; Student ID $10; Children $5.


Christmas Fair 2023

It’s never too early to start planning for the Epiphany Christmas Fair on Saturday, November 18. We need and appreciate donations, especially homemade items.

If you’re making jams or jellies this summer, please make a few extra jars for the bakery table. Let Sara Post (snsp17@gmail.com) know what you are donating.

If you like to knit or do crafts, please check with Alison Taber (alison.taber123@gmail.com) or Jeanni Pendergrass (jepen@mac.com) about what they need for the knits and crafts table.

We’ll have a box outside Hadley Hall now for your old Christmas cards – so the crafters can make Christmas gift cards from the old cards.

While you’re doing spring-summer cleaning, you may find items for the jewelry table or white elephant sale. Please box them up now with a note about what they’re worth, so you can bring the box to church in the fall.

The kids room at the fair would welcome children’s books. We’ll have a box outside Hadley Hall for the books after Labor Day. Books which do not sell at the fair are donated to St. Stephen’s Church or More Than Words.

During your travels this summer, if you find something or have a great idea for a silent auction item, please let Leslie Aitken (lja315@gmail.com) know about it.

If you have any other ideas for the Christmas Fair, please send an email note to Linda Brown (mlindabrow@aol.com) or Nick Candee (nickcandee@aol.com).


Help with Fellowship Hour!

Sign Up to Help with Fellowship Hour

Contributions to the shared food and help with clean-up are always appreciated. Please sign up to help by clicking the button above. 


This Week's Calendar

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Thursday, July 13

5:30pm Men's Group via Zoom 

9:00pm Compline via Zoom 

Friday, July 14

9:00am Yoga with Pam in Hadley Hall

Saturday, July 15

8:30 and 10:00am Epiphany at St. Luke's

Sunday, July 16

8:00am Holy Eucharist: Rite I in the Sanctuary
9:00am Fellowship Hour in Hadley Hall 
9:00am Summer Choir Warm-up in the Sanctuary  

9:45am Nursery Care Available (Ages 0-3) in the Dewart Room 

10:00am Holy Eucharist: Rite II in the Sanctuary and via YouTube

11:15am Fellowship Hour in Hadley Hall 

Monday, July 17

6:00pm AA Meeting in Hadley Hall  

7:30pm AA Meeting in Hadley Hall  

Tuesday, July 18

8:30am Employment Transition Group Meeting via Zoom

10:00am Staff Meeting in the Suter Room

1:00pm Pastoral Care Meeting in the Rector's Study

7:30pm Mission and Outreach Committee Meeting in the Suter Room

Wednesday, July 19

11:00am Prayer and Communion Service at The Gables at Winchester, 299 Cambridge St.

7:30pm Vestry Meeting in the Chapel

Thursday, July 20

5:30pm Men's Group via Zoom 

9:00pm Compline via Zoom 


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