July 28, 2022

Observing the Flow

I have to admit, I’m a bit distracted these days. It’s the birds.

Weeks ago, I spotted a robin’s nest high up in the tree just outside our living room window. I later observed the mother sitting dutifully, presumably incubating her newly laid eggs. At some point, I spotted the father, and continued to keep an eye on things out of curiosity. One evening there was an extra flurry of activity outside the window; I’m not sure what happened, but that was the last time any birds have been seen at that nest.

A bit worried and disappointed, I was pleased and surprised to spot yet another robin’s nest, this time just outside one of our Upper Hall windows at Parish of the Epiphany. It, too, had a mother presumably incubating, and a father making regular visits. This time, however, things progressed very differently, as I later spotted two heads and open mouths bobbing up for food! In the days following, I was able to observe the coordinated feeding routine of the two parents, and to watch the amazingly fast growth of these two young nestlings. Today as I write this, only one of the two hatchlings remains in the nest; I’m hopeful that the other has become a fledgling, and that this one simply has cold feet.

“The sparrow has found her a house, and the swallow a nest where she may lay her young…”  Psalm 84:2a

I remain in awe of a bird’s ability to construct such a protective and well-built home, in a carefully chosen location shielded from sun, wind, rain and (hopefully) predators. I am equally impressed with the determination and fortitude of these two parents, the sole purpose of their existence dictating every action they take. I hope to take inspiration from this during the coming months as we continue to brainstorm, make decisions, and start building our own nests in advance of the arrival of the new season, of both new and familiar faces, and a full and rich year of programming.

The comparison of the two bird nests also serves as a comforting reminder to me: ultimately, we are not in control, of anything really, not at all. Two very similar occurrences, initially, can have such dramatic and opposing end results. Why is this comforting? I feel that it gives us permission to dream — to risk building the nest in the manner we think best, knowing upfront that the specific results (or any results, for that matter) cannot be guaranteed. At that point we will be tasked with taking a step back, trusting God, and observing the flow.



Welcoming Janelle Hiroshige

On Sunday, August 7, we welcome Janelle Hiroshige as our new Associate for Youth and Community Partnerships. We will celebrate Janelle's new ministry with us with a festive reception in the Cloister Garden (weather permitting) after the 10:00 am service. We invite you to bring a note of welcome that might include your/household photo as Janelle begins to meet us.


Forecourt/Cloister Construction:
Beginning August 8

Beginning on Monday, August 8, access to the church campus will be available only through the Central Street door and the Church Street handicap accessible door. There will be no access via Hadley Hall/breezeway doors or the Tower entrance. Access will be restricted during construction, likely for three weeks. Sunday fellowship after the 10:00 am service will take place in the Bishop Garden.


August Birthdays & Anniversaries

Congratulations to our Epiphany friends celebrating birthdays and anniversaries during the month of August! 


Winchester Interfaith Resettlement Partnership Update

We are grateful to many at Epiphany have helped provide healthcare, legal, educational, shopping and transportation needs for the Rawan family, who fled Afghanistan in 2021. The father, Ihsanullah Rawan, has been working part time at a restaurant in Cambridge, but the hours have changed and they cannot provide enough work for him. Ideally Ihsanullah would like to work part time - full time. He is a hard worker but his English holds him back from some positions. If you have any ideas of job possibilities in the Arlington/Somerville/Cambridge area on public bus routes, please contact Rev. Nick or Rev. Bob


Choristers Begins on September 7

Children in grades 2-8 are invited to join Choristers! Beginning on September 7, rehearsals are weekly on Wednesdays from 5:15 - 6:15 pm, with optional extra rehearsals every 2nd, 4th, and 5th Wednesday from 6:15 - 7:00 pm. We will learn the basics of good singing and reading music. Contact Jeremy Bruns with any questions.


Mark Your Calendar: Midweek @ Epiphany
Resumes on October 5

Midweek @ Epiphany — a time for community and connection every first and third Wednesday — resumes on October 5! Each Midweek begins at 6:15 with dinner and fellowship, followed by formation opportunities for all ages. Mark your calendar for this fall's Midweek schedule: October 5, October 19, November 2, November 16, and December 7. 


Summer Choir: Join Us Any Sunday!

Through Labor Day weekend, the Summer Choir will assist in leading the music at our 10:00 am services, and anyone entering second grade or older is invited to sing. Simply be in the choir loft at 9:00 am on any Sunday you choose, and we will prepare the music for that day. Contact Jeremy at jbruns@3crowns.org with questions. 


Help with Fellowship Hour in July

We will be enjoying punch, popsicles, and other light refreshments at fellowship hour after the 10:00 service in July. Please consider signing up to help serve or to bring a snack to share:

Sign Up to Help with Fellowship Hour!

This Week's Calendar

Click here to access the complete parish calendar.

Thursday, July 28

5:30pm Men's Group via Zoom 

7:00pm Healing Prayer via Zoom

7:30pm Healing Ministry Team Meeting via Zoom

9:00pm Compline via Zoom 

Friday, July 29

9:30am B-SAFE Program at Parish of the Epiphany

Sunday, July 31

8:00am Holy Eucharist: Rite I in the Sanctuary 

9:00am Fellowship Hour in Hadley Hall and the Cloister Garden

9:00am Summer Choir Warm-up in the Choir Loft

10:00am Holy Eucharist: Rite II in the Sanctuary and via YouTube 

11:15am Fellowship Hour in Hadley Hall and the Cloister Garden

Monday, August 1

5:00pm Prayer Team Meeting via Zoom
6:00pm AA Meeting in Hadley Hall
7:30pm AA Meeting in Hadley Hall

Tuesday, August 2

9:30am Staff Meeting in the Suter Room

Thursday, August 4

5:30pm Men's Group via Zoom 

7:00pm Healing Prayer via Zoom

9:00pm Compline via Zoom 


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