Thursday, 8 November 2018

Dear friends,

Earlier today the people of the Episcopal Church in Maine announced that our rector is among the nominees to become their 10th bishop; the election will be Saturday, 9 February 2019. Further information about the activities leading up to the election will follow.

The Parish of the Epiphany is on sure footing, and both of us are excited for Thomas and proud that his gifts are recognized in Maine.

We hear and experience clearly that Thomas is both happy and willing to continue to serve as our priest and pastor, should that be the outcome of this election. This seems important to emphasize because this is not the first time (and it may not be the last time) that Thomas will be invited to consider the episcopacy. In discerning the possibility of a new call to become a bishop, what can also emerge is a call to remain at Epiphany. In other words, while this news is partly about Thomas, it’s largely about the mission and future of the Episcopal Church, both in Maine and here in Winchester.

Regardless of the outcome on February 9th, God will continue to nourish the Parish of the Epiphany for the ministry we have been given through our worship, formation, outreach, pastoral care, and parish life.

We are grateful for your prayers. First, for Thomas and Tom and the people of Maine: pray fervently that the Holy Spirit will move among them, and that God’s will alone will be done.

Second, we ask your prayers for all of us. Ahead of us lies the ingathering of our pledges for 2019, the dedication of our chapel, continued work toward the realization of our long-hoped-for elevator, the holy and beautiful seasons of Advent and Christmas, and the beginning of a new year. As Thomas would say, “We are blessed to be a blessing.”

Faithfully in Christ,


Jane W. White, Warden         Suzanne B. Owayda, Warden