The Parish of the Epiphany

Family Newsletter
for the week of April 10, 2022
Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter

Sun 10-Apr  :   9:00-10:00am  :  Palm Sunday Fellowship & Procession

Sun 10-Apr  :  10:05-10:40am  :  In-Person Church School (*Gathers in Sanctuary)

Sun 03-Apr  :  11:15-12:00pm  :  High School Youth Group (Garret or Zoom)

Sun 03-Apr  :  12:00-1:30pm  :  Confirmation Class (Garret or Zoom)

Sun 03-Apr  :  3:30-4:30pm  :  Middle School Youth Group (Garret or Zoom)

Thu 14-Apr  :  6:15-7:30pm  :  Maundy Thursday Parish Supper and Service

Fri  15-Apr  :  7:30am, 12pm, 7:30pm  :  Good Friday Services

Sat  16-Apr  :  7:30-9:00pm  :  Easter Vigil with Baptism

Sun 17-Apr  :  9am or 11:15am  :  Festival of Easter Worship

Sun 17-Apr  :  10:00-11:00am  :  Festive Easter Reception (Cloister, Hadley)

Sun 17-Apr  :  10:30-10:40am  :   Easter Egg Hunt

There is no Zoom Church School this Sunday, April 10, due to the Palm Sunday fellowship. 

There are no children's or youth offerings on Sunday, April 27. Please note that the Church offices are closed April 18-April 22. Church School resumes on Sunday, May 1.

    Dear Families,

    Holy Week is upon us. Please join us in these many meaningful services and fellowship opportunities. Of especial interest for families:

    Palm Sunday: Please join us in a festive fellowship hour at 9am in Hadley Hall and the Cloister Garden. We will enjoy our traditional hot cross buns, and children are invited to paint our Hosanna Banner and make a special craft. At 10am, our service of worship begins with our Children's Choir and procession with palms from Hadley into the sanctuary. Children, if you are joining our in-person Church School this week, please meet Bryn and the teachers at the front of the sanctuary at the conclusion of the procession. We'll move from the sanctuary to Upper Parish Hall together. Parents, please do not drop children in Upper Parish before the service; teachers will not be present until after the procession.

    Maundy Thursday: All are invited to join us for a Parish-wide "agape" (love) meal on Thursday evening, beginning at 6:15pm. This is a wonderful evening when we remember the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples. We eat dinner together (in Hadley Hall or the Cloister Garden), share communion, and all are invited to experience and offer foot washing (in the sanctuary), as Jesus did with his disciples. Children and families are welcome and encouraged to attend! If the entire evening is too long for your littlest ones, you are very welcome to come for the dinner and then depart. 

    Easter Sunday: Please note our two festive worship services are at 9am and 11:15am. At 10am, please join us for a festive reception, and at 10:30am we will enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt together! Find Bryn at 10:25 for directions!



      Church School this Sunday: 10am In-Person Only (no Zoom)

      We've been counting down the weeks of Lent in Church School, and now we reach out final "purple block." 

      This week we study Chapter 6 in our Lenten workbooks: the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

      Zoom Families

      There is no Zoom Church School this Sunday. Please join us in-person or enjoy the lesson with your family at home. Zoom Church School resumes on May 1!

      In-Person Families

      This week only, Church Schoolers will meet Bryn under the lectern at the front of the Sanctuary as our 10am service begins. After processing from Hadley Hall with our palms (and our bellies full of hot cross buns), the Church School will gather at the front of the sanctuary and move together to Upper Parish Hall for our Church School time. Please do not drop children in Upper Parish before the service; no adult will be there until after the procession. 

      Faith-at-Home Families

      Faith-at-Home families who like to work on these materials as a family on your own schedule, HERE is this week's outline. We're in our red Lent Zine, and we're on Chapter 6 which is called "The Good Samaritan."

      Everybody should find their sixth envelope (marked April 10). There are some traditional Epiphany Palm Sunday crafts for your family!

      The Triduum & Easter with Storymakers

      The Triduum--or three days--refers to our time of prayer and worship in the days leading up to Easter: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Through these days we remember and walk again through our most important stories from Scripture: Jesus's Last Supper, the Passover meal before his arrest (Maundy Thursday); his trial and his crucifixion (Good Friday); and the day of waiting and mourning (Holy Saturday). On Easter we celebrate Jesus's resurrection, the power and majesty of God, and the new life God offers to us all. 

      This year, our Storymakers church school curriculum offers us a wonderful way to walk through these days, with meaning and care, with our children. In your Faith-at-Home bag, please find the envelope marked Holy Week. In it you will find copies of a special booklet for a grownup and each child in your household. These books begin with us on Maundy Thursday, and end on Easter Sunday. They offer the story, in a narrative for children, as well as reflection questions and activities. 

      Parents, please take a look through this booklet and decide which pieces are best for your children. I plan to use it all with my elementary-aged son, but every child is different. Any or all of the pieces of this booklet can help you observe and understand the Triduum and Easter with your children. 

      Youth Groups this Sunday

      Our high school youth group and confirmation class meet as usual this Sunday. Please note that our middle school youth group has changed times: it now meets from 3:30-4:30pm on Sundays. Please email Eva with any questions! 

      Youth Groups do not meet on Easter Sunday. 

      Midweek@Epiphany Spring Schedule

      Midweek@Epiphany is a relaxed evening of fellowship, food, and formation (learning about God and faith) that happens roughly twice a month in the middle of the school & work week.

      We begin at 6:15 with a delicious dinner (cooked by our Midweek Dinner Team) and time to socialize. At 7pm, adults and youth are invited to a Bible study with Rev Nick in Upper Parish Hall, and children are invited to a time of faith-centered art and music with Bryn, Jeremy, and ministry volunteers in Hadley Hall. 

      The next Midweek@Epiphany dates are:

      • Wednesday, April 17
      • Wednesday, May 18
      • Wednesday, June 1

      All are welcome!

      A Welcoming Episcopal Community

      70 Church Street, Winchester, MA  01890