Family Newsletter:

Advent Three

Week of December 11, 2022

Family Calendar

Sat, Dec 10   :    7:00-9:00pm   :  Youth Christmas Movie Night

Sun, Dec 11   :   9:50-10:100am  :  Church School Drop Off

Sun, Dec 11   :   10:00am      :     Church School (Storymakers & Godly Play)

Sun, Dec 11   :   11:15am      :      Pageant Rehearsal for All Participants

Tue, Dec 13   :    7:00pm       :      Strength for the Holidays (Grown-ups)

Wed, Dec 14  :    5:15-6:15pm  :   Choristers Children's Choir Rehearsal

Sun, Dec 18   :    10:00am      :     Church School

Sun, Dec 18   :    11:15am      :      Pageant Rehearsal for All Participants

Two Things of Note

Pageant Rehearsal this Sunday is for all children who would like to take part! We start after the 10am worship service ends. Grab a quick snack and meet us in the sanctuary.

Stagehands are needed for this year's pageant -- please email Bryn if you can help move sets during the pageant, or during our Sunday morning rehearsals in December!

Dear families,

Our St. Nicholas party was such fun this past Wednesday! Thank you to all who joined us for dinner, our chocolate coin toss, and a visit from St. Nick--and a big thank you to Jason K for his humor and participation! There are many other festive and lovely events happening in the coming weeks, like our Christmas pageant (rehearsal for all this Sunday--see below!).

But, I also want to draw your attention to Tuesday evening's "Strength for the Holidays: An Evening Presentation of Loss and Resilience," led by the Reverend Bob Davidson, Epiphany's Assisting Priest and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Hospice Chaplain. We've gotten better at acknowledging that the Christmas season can be really hard on so many people--stress and distress, memories and loss. For parents, this can be uniquely challenging because we are tasked with bringing the cheer and the magic and mystery. This is it, we're told, the time to build those core memories for our children. That's a hard task any way around, but if you're also struggling with grief, it might feel impossible. Rev. Bob will share coping tools, and ways to be present to loss and memories of happier times. Please know that you are welcome.



Christmas Pageant Rehearsal Schedule

Pageant Rehearsals will be:

Sunday, December 11 at 11:15am (all participants)

Sunday, December 18 at 11:15am (all participants--dress rehearsal!)

Saturday, December 24: 3pm call time

Children may still participate even if they can not attend rehearsals!

Sign-ups are still open. Please talk with your child about whether they would like to be an angel, shepherd, sheep, or barn animals. Even tiny ones can participate, and their parents are welcome! We're also still looking for a star bearer (probably best for ages 8+). 

The Christmas Pageant is December 24 at 4pm.

Pageant Signups

Youth Movie Night: Join Us for a Fun Christmas Movie this Saturday

This Saturday evening, all middle and high school students are invited to join us in Hadley Hall for our Christmas Movie Night. Come and enjoy a holiday favorite! We start at 7pm. 

Stagehands are Needed for Our Christmas Pageant: Can You Move Sets?

Our pageant is growing this year, and we need several "stagehands" to help. At the end of the pageant, which is during the 4pm Christmas Eve Service, we need to move four heavy risers and one large (but not heavy) screen. We are looking for eight people who can lift. You won't miss any of the pageant (the moving happens quickly, during the Peace and a Hymn, before Communion). 

How heavy are the risers? They take two adults to carry, and I (Bryn) just managed as Rev. Nick's "second" when we were testing them out. The screen is not very heavy, it just takes maneuvering. 

We also need stagehand help for our pageant rehearsals. We would like to place (and then put away) our risers and screen on Dec. 4, 11, and 18 for our 11:15-12:00 rehearsals, so the children can get used to them. 

Please email Bryn if you can help! 

Church School: Parent Helpers Appreciated!

We ask each family with children in Church School to have a grown up (parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle) volunteer with us at least one Sunday per trimester to help support our classes.

We have openings throughout Advent. Please choose your Sunday HERE. Thank you!

This is a great opportunity to be with your child and see what they are learning, and it helps our amazing Children's Ministry volunteer team to keep our classes supported and running smoothly. 

Church School Registration

Church School registration is always open! This gives us important information like allergies and opting into/out of photo permissions. We re-register each year to keep our information current. Thank you! 

Church School Registration

Choristers: This Wednesday Evening

The Chorister choir program at Epiphany is for children entering grades 2-8. Our weekly rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15pm (a snack and optional skills session will also be offered from 6:15-7:00pm on many Wednesdays). Children will receive professional music theory and vocal training, and will sing in church monthly (on First Sundays). 

This program isn’t just for Epiphany parishioners—children are welcome and encouraged to bring friends along to try out the program. It is perfectly acceptable to try out the program for a few weeks without committing to the entire season. Please reach out to Jeremy Bruns, Director of Music & Organist at with any questions.

Important Dates for Families

Saturday, Dec 10  :  7:00-9:00pm  :  Youth Christmas Movie Night

Sunday, Dec 11  :  11:15am   :  Christmas Pageant Rehearsal for All Participants

Sunday, Dec 18  :  11:15am   :  Christmas Pageant Rehearsal for All Participants

Sunday, Dec 18  :  5:00pm   :  Lessons & Carols Service and Reception

Saturday, Dec 24  :  3:00pm  :  Christmas Pageant Call Time

Saturday, Dec 24  :  4:00pm  :  Christmas Pageant & Christmas Eve Service

Saturday, Jan 21  :  9:00am  :  Communion Enrichment Program (grades 2-5)

Sunday, Jan 22  :  10:00am  :  Communion Enrichment Sunday

Bryn Hollenbeck, Director of Children's Ministries and Parish Life:

Janelle Hiroshige, Associate for Youth and Community Partnerships:

Jeremy Bruns, Director of Music and Organist:

Nick Myers, Rector:


70 Church Street, Winchester, MA  01890