The Parish of the Epiphany

Family Newsletter
for the week of January 23, 2022
The Third Sunday after the Epiphany

Sun 16-Jan  :  No Church School for Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend

Sun 23-Jan  :  9am  :  Zoom Church School (Link)

Sun 23-Jan  :  10am  :  In-Person Church School (Upper Parish Hall)

Sun 23-Jan  :  10am  :  Worship (Children's Bulletin here; YouTube stream here)

Sun 23-Jan  :  11:15-12:15pm  :  High School Youth Group (Garrett; virtual option)

Sun 23-Jan  :  5:30-6:30pm  :  Middle School Youth Group (Garrett; virtual option)

Sun 30-Jan  :  9am  :  Church School Zoom

Sun 30-Jan  :  10am  :  Church School In-Person

Sun 30-Jan  :  11:30am  :  Annual Meeting (Zoom)

Sun 30-Jan  :  4:30-6pm  :  Candlemas & Cocoa in Cloister Garden

Dear friends,

It's been a busy week as we work to flex back and forth between online and in-person classes and meetings here at church. I'll admit, I wondered if a turn back to Zoom Church School would feel really hard, sad, or exhausting. But actually, it doesn't feel that way for me. I'm really excited to Zoom with so many of our Parish children again!

My (admittedly) unexpectedly perky attitude about Zoom could mean I've achieved some milestone in pandemic flexibility--some zen resilence or something. Maybe. But I think, in truth, it's really because Zoom Church School can be amazingly wonderful. I know we're all supposed to scoff at bit at Zoom, but can I admit . . . I kinda love it, just like I love in-person. Your kids are so fun and so brave and so loving in any format; how could I not be excited?

It helps that we've all gotten good at it. It isn't like our first Zoom in spring of 2020, when I held up our wooden liturgical calendar puzzle for the camera and promptly spilled all 52+ pieces onto my keyboard. (Remember that?) With our zines, and our bags--delivered by so many loving adults--and our comfort with the space and with each other, Zoom Church School has become a worshipful home. 

It's ok, friends, to pivot back and forth, online and in-person and back again. God is with us in all these moves, and our love and commitment to each other is strong, in all of these places. Whether you choose to join us on Zoom, in person, on YouTube, or in some combination, I am so thankful for your presence in our church family. 



    Church School this Week: Options and Directions for January 23

    We will continue our in-person and zoom Church School offerings through our winter term. On January 23 families may choose whether to join us via Zoom at 9am, or in person in Upper Parish Hall at 10am. 

    All families who are registered for Church School (either in-person or faith-at-home) should receive a bag delivery this weekend with materials, including our current zine and other fun activities. Whether you plan to join church school in-person, on Zoom, or as a family at home, these materials are for you.

    If you join in-person Church School, please bring your Stars Zine (the green workbook) with you. We'll use it during our class. (Forget? No worries - I have extra copies of the day's lesson.) You do NOT need to bring any of the envelopes or other materials from your bag. Please wear a high quality and well-fitting mask.

    If you join Zoom, please have your Faith-at-Home bag near by. We'll use both our Stars Zine, the week's envelope, and sometimes one of the prayer practices found in the bag. You'll also need a pencil and maybe a few things to draw or color with, such as crayons or colored pencils. We start at 9am, which is earlier than last year's Zooms.

    Faith-at-Home families who like to work on these materials as a family on your own schedule, HERE is this week's outline. We're jumping back into our Stars Zine (from the fall), and we're on Chapter 8 which is called Soup. 

    Thank you 8 O'Clockers!  You're all amazing Bag Builders!

    Midwinter Candlemas & Cocoa on Sunday, January 30: 4:30-6:00pm

    On Sunday, January 30 from 4:30 - 6:00 pm, join us for Midwinter Candlemas and Cocoa! Enjoy community, cookies, and hot cocoa at this all-parish gathering in the Cloister Garden. This will be at time to warm up by the fire, connect with friends, and enjoy some delicious chocolate on a winter afternoon. We'll have a craft for the children, and lots of warm cheer to go around. Please join us!

    Middle and High School Youth Groups: Join Us this Sunday, January 23!

    Our Middle and High School youth groups have started up again! Both groups will meet in the Garrett (at the top of the stairs) at the following times:

    High School (grades 9-12): 11:15am to 12:15pm

    Middle School (grades 6-8): 5:30pm-6:30pm

    Middle Schoolers, if you've let Eva know that you'll be joining virtually, look for a bag that came with your family's Church School materials, and have that (purple or green) bag handy when you log on. 

    All participants will remain masked while indoors. For information on how to join the meeting virtually, or if you would like to join the Youth Ministry team as a volunteer, please reach out to Eva Dalzell.

    Communion Enrichment Update: Now March 26 & 27

    Our Communion Enrichment weekend, for children in grades 2-5, will be March 26 & March 27. We are hopeful that our community will be in a much healthier place by then, and that we'll be able to fully enjoy our time together. 

    The Communion Enrichment retreat from 9-11am on Saturday is an in-person program, followed by Communion Enrichment Sunday, where the children join the Rector up front, take communion, and participate in the service.

    A Welcoming Episcopal Community

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