The Parish of the Epiphany

Family Newsletter
for the week of January 30, 2022
The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

Church School and Youth Group will only be offered on Zoom this Sunday, January 30.

Sun 30-Jan  :  9am  :  Zoom Church School (Link)

Sun 30-Jan  :  10am  :  Worship (Children's Bulletin here; YouTube stream here)

Sun 30-Jan  :  12:00pm  :  Annual Meeting (on Zoom)

Sun 30-Jan  :  11:15-12:15pm  :  High School Youth Group (Zoom)

Sun 30-Jan  :  5:30-6:30pm  :  Middle School Youth Group (Zoom)

Wed 02-Feb  :  6:30-7:30pm  :  Midwinter @ Epiphany (Cloister & indoors)

Sun 06-Feb  :  9am  :  Church School Zoom

Sun 06-Feb  :  10am  :  Church School In-Person

There is no in-person Church School or Youth Group this Sunday, January 30, due to the predicted snow. Candlemas & Cocoa is also cancelled this Sunday, due to the snow.

Dear friends,

I hope this evening finds you warm at home, ready to hunker down through tomorrow's storm, and not in a grocery store. (If the latter, may God bless and keep you.) 

The bible gives us a lot of natural imagery to meditate upon, as we worship the God who created this magnificent earth. But (unsurprising with its geography) it doesn't offer us a lot about snow. Sure, we've got a number of references to purity and being "whiter than snow," some images of storms complete with hail and snow, and even some metaphorical ties to leprosy (eek). But making our own winter weather holy is mostly left to us. 

So what would Jesus do in the snow? I'm 99% sure he would be sledding with the children he always loved and drew near to him; building forts and snowmen (and snowballs?); and gathering his neighbors--rich and poor, respected and shunned--as the community digs out together and passes thermoses of cocoa and coffee. 

May you find delight in this week's snow, in your neighbors, and in your family. I'll see you on Zoom!



    Church School this Week: All Zoom for January 30!

    I don't know if you've heard, but it looks like snow! Since we're all ready to Zoom--with our workbook zines and our craft envelopes already at home with us--we are only offering Zoom Church School this week.

    Please join us on Zoom at 9am this Sunday morning. Bring your Church School bag, and have your green Stars zine and some crayons or colored pencils ready. We're going to continue to learn Jacob's story--and it's quite a story! (What in the world is he up to now??)

    We will continue both our in-person and Zoom Church School offerings in February.  

    Faith-at-Home families who like to work on these materials as a family on your own schedule, HERE is this week's outline. We're back into our Stars Zine, and we're on Chapter 9 which is called The Trick.

    Middle and High School Youth Groups: Join Us on ZOOM this Sunday, January 30!

    In anticipation of the forecasted winter storm this weekend, Middle School and High School groups will be meeting ONLY on Zoom this Sunday, January 30. Youth groups will return to hybrid the following week.

    Please contact Eva Dalzell with any questions.

    High School Zoom Link (11:15am-12:15pm)

    Middle School Zoom Link (5:30pm-6:30pm)

    Midwinter @ Epiphany Begins this Wednesday

    During the month of February, our Midweeks will become Midwinter @ Epiphany! Please join us on Wednesdays February 2 and February 16 for a time of fellowship, warming snacks in the Cloister, and indoor formation for all ages. 

    This Wednesday, February 2, we will offer cocoa, cookies, and hot dogs from 6:30-7pm in the Cloister Garden. Starting at 7pm, we will move inside for adult Bible study with Rev. Nick in Upper Parish Hall, and creative arts programming for children with Bryn in Hadley Hall. We'll wrap up our evening at 7:30pm. Please grab your boots (and maybe snow pants if your child is so inclined) and join us! 

    Confirmation Class Beginning Soon

    Confirmation class is approaching! Our first meeting will be Sunday, February 27 from 12-1:30pm in the Garrett, with an option to join virtually. The class will conclude with a confirmation service on Saturday, May 21, at St. Anne's Church in Lowell. Please find the tentative schedule posted here and reach out to Eva Dalzell to register, or if you are interested in joining the team as a mentor!

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