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Family Newsletter
for the week of May 15, 2022
The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Sun 22-May  :  9:00-9:20am  :  Zoom Sunday School (New Link)

Sun 22-May  :  10:00-10:40am  :  In-Person Sunday School (Bishop Garden)

Sun 22-May  :  11:15am-12:00  :  High School Youth Group (Garret, Zoom)

Sun 22-May  :  3:30-4:30pm  :  Middle School Youth Group (Garret, Zoom)

Sun 29-May  :  Memorial Day Weekend  :  No Children or Youth Programming

Wed 01-Jun  :  6:15-7:30pm  :  Final Midweek Dinner & Formation of the Year

Sun 05-Jun  :  9:00-9:20am  :  Zoom Sunday School (New Link)

Sun 05-Jun  :  10:00-10:40am  :  In-Person Sunday School (meet at Tower Door)

Sun 05-Jun  :  11:15-12:00pm  :  Pentecost & End of Program Year Celebration

    Dear Families,

    My head has been in the clouds the past few days, as I've prepared to "talk and do clouds" with our children over these next weeks. The reason, of course, is Ascension Day--the day we remember when Jesus, 40 days after his resurrection, ascended into heaven "and was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their (disciples') sight." 

    This year we'll be focusing not only on Jesus and the miracle of this story, but also on the clouds. Rather than thinking of clouds as some sort of literal floor on which God's heavenly throne sits, I like to think of clouds as a metaphor for my spiritual journey. Clouds marry real and illusive, science and soul. How that cloud formed, I can explain and even replicate. Why I'm sure that it's shaped like a dragon, I can only wonder. 

    Go outside and look at the clouds. Remember what you know. Wonder and imagine all that you don't. And be glad in both. Be glad in our God, both real and present and known, and also bigger and more amazing than we can imagine. 



      Church School on May 22: Zoom, In-Person, or At-Home

      This Sunday we offer Church School on Zoom at 9am, or In-Person Church School at 10am in the Bishop Garden. Please note that if it is rainy, we will need to move our In-Person time inside, to Upper Parish Hall. If we move inside, masks will be required. But let's hope for a dry and warm Sunday morning and time outside!

      Our in-person friends will be diving into science (did you know we can make clouds?) and tactile experiences as we explore what it meant for Jesus to "ascend into heaven."

      This week we are working on Chapter 7 of our Storymakers Easter Season zine, called "Going Up." Don't forget the envelope in your pink Faith-at-Home bag, labeled May 22.

      Help with the Rawan Family: "Preschool" Time

      The Rawan family, whom we helping to resettle in Arlington after fleeing Afghanistan last year, has three little children not yet in school. We are helping them get ready for these new experiences by spending some time in their home, reading and coloring and playing, like a little "preschool homeschool." We also take them on walks to their local library, to look at books or join other children in Storytime. 

      If you are interested in helping with our "preschool homeschool" efforts, please contact Bryn. It is very fun and very rewarding! (All volunteers must complete a full background check through WIRP.)

      Families, the Parish Weekend Away Registration is Now Open

      Our all-parish Weekend Away (aka retreat) is September 23-25, 2022. This two-night getaway will be at the Barbara C. Harris Camp & Retreat Center in New Hampshire, about a 90 minute drive from Winchester. We'll have games, hikes, canoeing, camp fires, and more. This retreat will be fun and meaningful for our littlest children and parents.

      The overnight reservations currently have a waitlist, but we're working on securing more rooms and cabins for our group. Please register to let us know you want to come! We also have registration for Saturday or Sunday. It is a great chance to connect, deepen community ties, enjoy nature, and play.

      More information can be found HERE

      Register Now

      Children's Choir: Join Us June 8

      There is one remaining Children’s Choir rehearsal this season, on Wednesday, June 8 from 6:30-7:30pm. The choir will sing in church on Sunday morning, June 12 (Feast of the Holy Trinity) as we end the choral program year.  There is still time for children currently in grades 2-7 to check this group out.  The only requirement besides attendance is a willingness to learn; no previous training or experience needed.  Please contact Jeremy Bruns, Director of Music, for more information:

      Confirmation Class Food Drive: Ends this Sunday!

      The Confirmation Class of 2022 is sponsoring a food drive for the Woburn Council of Social Concern. Please drop off donations at Parish of the Epiphany May 15th-May 22nd at the designated table in the entryway. They accept all non-perishable food within date, and they always need reusable grocery bags! A more detailed list of suggested items can be found at under the header "Food Pantry Wish List." Thank you!

      End of Year Youth Lock-In: June 24-25

      Registration is open for the Youth Group Lock-In! We'll gather the evening of Friday, June 24 for a progressive dinner, games, and fellowship. On Saturday, we will learn more about a local organization making a difference in the community, and spend a couple hours working with them. Registration is open now and will close on June 13. Please reach out to Eva Dalzell ( with any questions or if you'd like to help out!

      Can You Help with our Wonderful Fellowship Times?

      You know all those delicious treats and fruits that our children dive into each Sunday during fellowship time? Would you be willing to sign up for one Sunday, to bring those treats?

      We have a new Sign-Up Genius link for Fellowship Hour during May.  Please consider helping out. The Signup Genius link is here. 

      Midweek@Epiphany Spring Schedule

      Midweek@Epiphany is a relaxed evening of fellowship, food, and formation (learning about God and faith) that happens roughly twice a month in the middle of the school & work week.

      We begin at 6:15 with a delicious dinner (cooked by our Midweek Dinner Team) and time to socialize. At 7pm, adults and youth are invited to a Bible study with Rev Nick in Upper Parish Hall, and children are invited to a time of faith-centered art and music with Bryn, Jeremy, and ministry volunteers in Hadley Hall. 

      The next Midweek@Epiphany date is:

      • Wednesday, June 1

      All are welcome!

      A Welcoming Episcopal Community

      70 Church Street, Winchester, MA  01890