Family Newsletter:

Week of November 20, 2022

Family Calendar

Sat, Nov 19    :    10am-4pm :  Christmas Fair

Sun, Nov 20   :    10:00am   :   Church School (Storymakers & Godly Play)

Sun, Nov 20    :   5:00pm     :    Word and Table Evening Worship

Wed, Nov 23-Sat, Nov 26    :    Church Offices Closed for Thanksgiving

Sun, Nov 27    :    10:00am   :  Church School (Storymakers & Godly Play)

Sun, Nov 27    :    11:15am   :   Advent Wreath Making

Sun, Dec 4      :     10:00am  :   Church School

Sun, Dec 4      :     11:15am   :   Pageant Rehearsal (character & speaking parts only)

Dear families,

The Christmas Fair is tomorrow! My children love to come (the bake table is their favorite!) and it is a joyful, lovely way to start the season in community together. There is a children's room with small gifts children can buy for family members, as well as many lovely things for grown-up shopping as well.

We've arrived at the final Sunday before the season of Advent begins. The four weeks leading up to Christmas are always full here--full of joy, music, preparation and waiting. Please see below for information on our Christmas pageant -- signups are now open!

Happy Thanksgiving week! 



PS. This Sunday, our church schoolers will have an opportunity for service, as we think about giving as a form of gratitude. Our older elementary children will be packing Christmas boxes of small toys and necessary items to send abroad to children in need, and our smaller children will be making Thanksgiving cards and a small basket of treats for the Rawan family (the family from Afghanistan that we have helped resettle in Arlington). 

Children's Christmas Pageant: Sign Ups are Live

Our children's Christmas pageant this year will be held during the 4pm Christmas Eve Service. This year we'll have more, shorter speaking parts, and--new this year, by popular demand!--the magi (aka wise men/three kings/stargazers). 

Sign-ups are now open. Please talk with your child about whether they would like to memorize a line, read, act (with no lines), or be part of a larger flock (of sheep, shepherds, or angels). 

Pageant Signups

Please sign up and indicate your child's part preferences. Please indicate three choices. Parts are not restricted by gender. 

Speaking roles: each part has one line; we will try to memorize the line but children can hold a paper to read it if they would like.



Head Shepherd

Head Angel



Non-speaking character roles: these characters have no lines, but they will move about and pantomime. 



Barn Animal

Caesar Augustus


Ensemble roles: these children are together in a group, and are "shepherded" by an adult or teen. This is perfect for our littlest participants and those who want to be part of a flock. Even the littlest toddlers can give this a try! Older children in the ensemble help to direct and encourage the littler ones. 




Rehearsals will be:

Sunday, December 4 at 11:15am (speaking & character parts only)

Sunday, December 11 at 11:15am (all participants)

Sunday, December 18 at 11:15am (all participants--dress rehearsal!)

Saturday, December 24: 3pm call time

Children may still participate if they can not attend rehearsals! Please email Bryn your schedule and we will find the right part.

Christmas Pageant is December 24 at 4pm.

Ice: A Children's Sermon 

Each Sunday, our children help to create our children's sermon. When it's time for the children's sermon, one child brings a secret object (hidden in our Children's Bag) up to the preacher, and the preacher uses the object to create a sermon, on the spot. 

After church last week, we asked Caleb what his sermon might have been, on pulling a tub of ice out of the bag. Here's what Caleb (a theologian in the making) thinks: 

Since ice has a cycle, it could be a cycle of God's love.

Like when ice melts, it turns to water, that change could be birth.

When water evaporates it turns to water vapor, that could be death.

When it reaches the clouds, it could be our ascension into heaven.

When it comes down again, it could be the angels coming with love.

If it turns to ice, then it helps replenish the water.

If it turns to vapor again, it could be God bringing the angels back.

Thank you Caleb, for sharing your beautiful and wise insights. What a blessing it is to hear your ideas and meditate on your wonderings with you. 

Church School: Parent Helpers Appreciated!

We ask each family with children in Church School to have a grown up (parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle) volunteer with us at least one Sunday per trimester to help support our classes.

We have openings throughout Advent. Please choose your Sunday HERE. Thank you!

This is a great opportunity to be with your child and see what they are learning, and it helps our amazing Children's Ministry volunteer team to keep our classes supported and running smoothly. 

Church School Registration

Church School registration is always open! This gives us important information like allergies and opting into/out of photo permissions. We re-register each year to keep our information current. Thank you! 

Church School Registration

Upcoming Youth Events

Please mark your calendars for the following upcoming youth activities!

  • December 10: Christmas Movie Night, 7:00 - 9:00 pm Note new date!

Choristers: This Wednesday Evening

The Chorister choir program at Epiphany is for children entering grades 2-8. Our weekly rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15pm (a snack and optional skills session will also be offered from 6:15-7:00pm on many Wednesdays). Children will receive professional music theory and vocal training, and will sing in church monthly (on First Sundays). 

This program isn’t just for Epiphany parishioners—children are welcome and encouraged to bring friends along to try out the program. It is perfectly acceptable to try out the program for a few weeks without committing to the entire season. Please reach out to Jeremy Bruns, Director of Music & Organist at with any questions.

Important Dates for Families

Saturday, Nov 19  :  Christmas Fair

Sunday, Dec 4  :  11:15am  :  Christmas Pageant Rehearsal for Speaking Roles

Wednesday, Dec 7  :  6:15-7:30pm  :  Midweek Dinner and Formation (Advent Style!)

Saturday, Dec 10  :  7:00-9:00pm  :  Youth Christmas Movie Night

Sunday, Dec 11  :  11:15am   :  Christmas Pageant Rehearsal for All Participants

Sunday, Dec 18  :  11:15am   :  Christmas Pageant Rehearsal for All Participants

Sunday, Dec 18  :  5:00pm   :  Lessons & Carols Service and Reception

Saturday, Dec 24  :  3:00pm  :  Christmas Pageant Call Time

Saturday, Dec 24  :  4:00pm  :  Christmas Pageant & Christmas Eve Service

Saturday, Jan 21  :  9:00am  :  Communion Enrichment Program (grades 2-5)

Sunday, Jan 22  :  10:00am  :  Communion Enrichment Sunday

Sunday, May 21 : 10:00am  :  Church School's Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Coat 

Bryn Hollenbeck, Director of Children's Ministries and Parish Life:

Janelle Hiroshige, Associate for Youth and Community Partnerships:

Jeremy Bruns, Director of Music and Organist:

Nick Myers, Rector:


70 Church Street, Winchester, MA  01890