Family Newsletter:

Week of October 9, 2022

Family Calendar

Sun, Oct 09  :   10:00am  : Church School (Storymakers & Godly Play)

Wed, Oct 12  :   5:15pm   :  Choristers Rehearsal (choir for grades 2-8)

Sun, Oct 16  :   10:00am  :  Church School 

Sun, Oct 16  :   10:00am  :  In-Gathering Sunday (see below)

Sun, Oct 16  :   11:15am  :  Ciderfest 

Sun, Oct 16  :   5:00pm    :  Word & Table Evening Worship Service

Wed, Oct 19 :    6:15pm   :   Midweek Dinner & Formation

Dear families,

I follow a number of child psychologists. Mostly, I do this as a mom, just trying to figure out how best to not screw up my own kids (or how to repair things I've most definitely already messed up). But I also appreciate how listening to and learning from these secular doctors supports my work here at church, with children and families. 

One of my favorite local psychologists had a wonderful newsletter about "do-overs" this week, and this phrase caught me:

acknowledge the moment, give each other grace, and try again -- Dr. Rachel Kramer

Do you hear the beautiful symmetry between parenting coaches, child psychology, and our Christian faith?

Acknowledge the moment. See. Admit. Repent.

Give each other grace. Forgive. Gift goodwill. Honor.

Try again. Hope. Strive. In Christ, we (and our children) are ever new creations. 

My prayer for you, and your children, and myself, this week: May our great and gracious God surround us in love and grace. In our do-overs may we strive, again and again, to be like Jesus in his grace, and mercy, and (yes, even) holiness. 



What Is Stewardship & What Is Pledging?

Our 2023 Stewardship Campaign, “Living Faith & Life Together,” culminates on Ingathering Sunday on October 16. For many, this is a familiar part of the rhythm of our fall, but for some of us it is either new, or not yet a part of our personal financial stewardship. 

Our life as a parish is funded by the pledges of each one of us, and our pledge is an integral part of our participation in Epiphany’s life and mission. This is Stewardship. What we do here is provided by the pledges of our members. Program materials (from bulletins to coffee to outreach funds for the vulnerable in the communities around us), staff salaries, and paying our heating & electric bills: all funded by the financial support (aka pledges) of each of you. 

 We invite you to step into this critical aspect of our loving ministry to one another, of our community life together and of our Christian ministry to the communities around us. 

Our $1.2 million campaign goal represents a 15.7% increase over 2022’s pledges, and this increase supports our growing ministries and staff, such as Midweek, Sunday evening services, and the hiring of our wonderful new Associate for Youth and Community Partnerships. We encourage first time pledges of any amount. Epiphany has annual pledges of $100 and others that exceed $25,000. In this Parish, every pledge is valued and important. 

Please contact anyone on the Stewardship Committee ( if you’d like to talk about pledges or if you have any questions. 

Congratulations, Janelle & Peter!

Our beloved Janelle, Associate for Youth and Community Partnerships, gets married this weekend! We send our love and prayers to them (down in Georgia!) during this wonderful celebration.

You can offer your good wishes to the happy couple by sending a card to the church office (70 Church St, Winchester MA 01890) or an email to Janelle at Janelle and Peter will be back with us next Sunday.

Epiphany Tunnels/Clock Tower Spooky
Ice Cream Party

It has been a rite of passage over generations for youth to explore the tunnels and clock tower at Epiphany. Join us on Sunday, October 23 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm for some fun and ice cream! Please RSVP to Janelle.

Church School: Parent/Family Support 

We ask each family with children in Church School to have a grown up (parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle) volunteer with us one Sunday per trimester to help support our classes. This is a great opportunity to be with your child and see what they are learning, and it helps our amazing Children's Ministry volunteer team to keep our classes supported and running smoothly. Please sign-up for a Sunday HERE. Thank you!

Church School Class Levels

Our two classes--Godly Play and Storymakers--are roughly broken into two age groups, preschoolers through first graders, and second through fifth graders. However, Godly Play is a great program that children of many ages enjoy.

If you have a second grader, please feel welcome to choose either class. Godly Play is a quieter, more choice-based experience. Storymakers is a classroom with a lot of collaboration and energy. Please reach out to Bryn if you'd like to talk more specifically about which class might be the best fit for your second (or even third) grader. 

Church School Registration

If you haven't registered your children for Church School, please take a quick minute to do so. This gives us important information like allergies and opting into (or out of) photo permissions. We re-register each year to keep our information current. Thank you! 

Church School Registration

Upcoming Youth Events

Please mark your calendars for the following upcoming youth activities!

  • October 23: Epiphany Tunnels/Clock Tower Spooky Ice-Cream Party, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
  • November 5: Board Game Night, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
  • December 9: Christmas Movie Night, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Choristers: This Wednesday Evening

The Chorister choir program at Epiphany is for children entering grades 2-8. Our weekly rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15pm (a snack and optional skills session will also be offered from 6:15-7:00pm on many Wednesdays). Children will receive professional music theory and vocal training, and will sing in church monthly (on First Sundays). 

This program isn’t just for Epiphany parishioners—children are welcome and encouraged to bring friends along to try out the program. It is perfectly acceptable to try out the program for a few weeks without committing to the entire season. Please reach out to Jeremy Bruns, Director of Music & Organist at with any questions.

Important Fall Dates for Families

Sunday, Oct 9   :  10:00am  :  Church School Classes

Wednesday, Oct 12 :   5:15pm  :  Choristers

Sunday, Oct 16  :  10:00am  :  Church School Classes

Sunday, Oct 16   :   11:15am  :  Ciderfest

Wednesday, Oct 19 :   5:15pm  :  Choristers 

Wednesday, Oct 19  :  6:15pm   :  Midweek Dinner & Formation

Sunday, Oct 23   :   10:00am   :  Church School

Sunday, Oct 23  :  6:30-8:30pm  :  Epiphany Tunnels/Clock Tower Spooky Ice-Cream Party

Wednesday, Oct 26  :  6:15pm  :  Choristers

Sunday, Oct 30   :   10:00am   :   Church School

Looking ahead:

Saturday, Nov 5  :  10:00am  :  First Sunday Worship (with Baptisms)

Saturday, Nov 5  :  7:00-9:00pm  :  Youth Board Game Night

Friday, Dec 9   :   7:00-9:00pm  :   Youth Christmas Movie Night

Saturday, Dec 24  :  4:00pm  :  Christmas Pageant & Christmas Eve Service

Saturday, Jan 21  :  9:00am  :  Communion Enrichment Program (grades 2-5)

Sunday, Jan 22  :  10:00am  :  Communion Enrichment Sunday

Sunday, Feb 12 : 10:00am : Church School's Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Coat 

Bryn Hollenbeck, Director of Children's Ministries and Parish Life:

Janelle Hiroshige, Associate for Youth and Community Partnerships:

Jeremy Bruns, Director of Music and Organist:

Nick Myers, Rector:


70 Church Street, Winchester, MA  01890