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January 17, 2017 1:58 AM | Anonymous

Later today Amy Wade will write a more substantial reflection, but I thought a little update would be good. 

We are thriving here. Sadly, Roger Nelson is not doing so well. His bronchitis just isn't dissipating the way we all hoped, despite excellent medical care. Still, he presses on with us when he can. We're sorry that so much of the trip for him has required him to rest. 

Today is a kind of free day. Each of us can explore the old city, or do whatever else isn't already on the itinerary. Several of us are walking 6 miles into West Jerusalem to take in some of Marc Chagall's windows (if you've seen one of his windows haven't you seen them all?)...I'm glad for the walk and it's a beautiful day.

Tomorrow we'll start at the Mount of Olives and make our way to the "tear drop" church. Many of you know of our Palm Sunday tradition at the Parish of the Epiphany of making chicks to commemorate Jesus's lament over Jerusalem, "how often I would have gathered you under my wing the way a mother hen does her chicks"--so we'll replicate that here and admire the exquisite mosaic depicting that biblical scene at the tear drop church. Then, in the afternoon, we'll take the bus to Jericho to have lunch at the Qumri's home. 

Thursday we'll arise very early to do the stations of the cross, and we're already preparing for that culminating devotional act, asking the Crucified and Risen Christ to come near to us so that this pilgrimage might be for us both a renewal of faith and a confirmation of God's great desire to bring life out of death. 

We are praying for you and we are grateful for your prayers for us.

Faithfully in Christ


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