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Care & Serve: Sustainability and Creation Care

Sustainability and Creation Care

Caring for creation is something that all residents of this beautiful, diverse, and breathtaking planet have a stake in. God calls us to be stewards for the planet and to honor life-sustaining blessings.

In support of the Declaration of Climate Emergency made by the Bishops of Massachusetts, the Epiphany Sustainability & Creation Care ministry invites you to:

1. Pray. 

God made all creation good. And God made a covenant with us humans that we are the stewards of this creation. This stewardship is both a personal and systemic responsibility. 

Our prayers are based in a language of faith. There is no talk of living a life of faith in this world without discussing climate change. We have no home other than this earth—this is our home. 

2. Learn

The Sustainability & Creation Care ministry seeks to convene conversations and educational events. And we invite all members of this congregation to learn: what actions we can take to fight climate change (both in our own lives and in the global community); and how tackling the climate crisis connects with efforts to alleviate poverty, fight racial and social injustice, and defend human life.

3. Act

The bishops urge high-consuming people to cut back sharply on their use of fossil fuels and to support each other in changing their patterns of consumption and waste, and the Sustainability & Creation Care ministry will generate opportunities for parishioners to do so.

We will promote efforts to restore ecosystems, soil, habitat, and biodiversity – such as making space for wildlife near our homes, a practice that has been called “reconciliation ecology." 

We will identify and find ways to assist those in our communities who are most vulnerable to climate disasters, and invite members of the parish to participate. We will encourage collaborations between diocesan groups at work on interrelated justice concerns, such as racial justice, food security, and creation care.

4. Advocate

Because the scale and pace of the climate crisis require systemic change, we will participate in – local, statewide, and national efforts to make a swift and just transition to clean, renewable energy and to support vulnerable communities.  We will join with advocacy efforts of such groups as Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light, 350MA for a Better Future , as well as creation care initiatives of the Episcopal Public Policy Network.

We hold a monthly meeting via Zoom and communicate with the broader parish community in a monthly email. Contact the parish office if you would like to be added to the link for either of these opportunities. 

We have an advisory group to generate ideas, provide insight and direction for overall committee. If you have thoughts, ideas or comments about how Epiphany can better have an impact on fighting climate change, speak with or email any of these parishioners:

Josh Reynolds
Susan Almquist
Fred Spencer
Hannah Niswonger 
Ingrid Geis
Pam Chester
Bryn Hollenbeck 
Ellen Rockefeller
Laura Dike

We offer this prayer for the work of the church…

God our Creator, bless the work of our group to protect the Earth. Be with us as we plan ways for our parish to be good stewards of creation. May our faith community be a light for those around us, modeling a deep commitment to the wellbeing of the Earth. Please shower your grace on all of our activities. Keep us committed, motivated, and hopeful as we carry on this important ministry. Thank you for being with us every step of the way. This we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.


    Upcoming Events

    Winchester Climate Solutions Week (Sept 24 - Oct 2) 

    • Find out what a net-zero home looks like, how an electric lawn mower or leaf blower works, how to eat in a more climate-friendly manner and much more.
    • Events are free and open to folks from all towns.

    Learn more at: https://www.winchester.us/978/Climate-Solutions-Week

    Episcopal Diocese Season of Creation (Sept 1 - Oct 4)
    Creation Season is underway. It's a special opportunity to

    • Pray and learn what can be done for the precious creation of which we are a part 
    • Act to reduce our burden on the Earth and advocate for just solutions — all for the love of God
    Learn more at: www.diomass.org/creation-care


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