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Epiphany Mini-courses

  • January 12, 2020
  • 11:00 AM
  • February 02, 2020
  • 11:00 AM

Adult Formation Classes for the Season of Epiphany
Classes meet on Sundays: 12 and 19 January; 2, 9, and 16 February
There are five offerings available:

Sing to the Lord a New Song: Psalms as Prayer, Praise, and Prophecy
Facilitator: Gabrielle Stott
Location: The Dewart Room

Explore the poetry of the Psalms and their use in the age of David, the time of Christ and our current liturgy. Liberate the Psalms from the sing-song repetition of childhood memory work and reveal their power.

Mindfulness Meditation
Facilitator: Liz Kinchen
Location: The Chapel

Meditation is an activity practiced over millennia by people from many faith traditions world-wide, including Christians. Why? What is the draw, what are the benefits – spiritually, emotionally, physically? This course will teach the basics of mindfulness meditation, a practice which cultivates present-moment awareness, compassion, and equanimity and is a form of prayer. Mindfulness is currently experiencing popularity around the world for its many benefits in physical and emotional health, and it is also a spiritual practice that can bring us closer to God, each other and ourselves - deepening our capacity for both wisdom and compassion. You need bring nothing other than your open heart and mind. The course will include presentation, meditation practice and sharing, and will be a safe and accepting space for people with any - or no - experience with meditating.

Meeting the Good Shepherd: Childrens’ Worship at Epiphany with the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Facilitator: John Jenke
Location: Sunday School Classroom, Lower Level

While you are up in the Nave attending worship on Sundays, do you wonder how your children are learning about their faith downstairs? Building on work done at Epiphany over the past three years, Children's Ministry introduces our children to their faith through the nationally acclaimed program “The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd” (CGS). Classes are divided into three groups by age: Childrens’ Worship (Pre-K through Kindergarten), The True Vine (Grades 1-2) and The People of God (Grades 3-5). Teachers will introduce you to the CGS approach through simulating normal Sunday School classes.

Holy Imagination: Bringing the Gospels to Life
Location:  The Suter Room

Through Ignatian Prayer, we will seek to place ourselves fully into the stories of Jesus. We will listen to the way He speaks; we will notice how people respond to Him. We will engage our own feelings as we enter the stories as onlooker-participants. We will seek to allow the person of Christ to penetrate beyond our theological reflections and even into our hearts and experience.

On 12 January, Sister Maureen Casey, SND, will give us an introduction to the way of prayer and theology of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Subsequent weeks will be Ignatian bible study led by Sandra LaPerche, Mary Street, and Miriam Gelfer.

Immigration Justice
Facilitator: Pam Chester
Location: Hadley Hall

This course examines the current state of immigration justice, and our responses to this issue at Epiphany and in the Greater Boston community. Topics include experiences at the Texas border, engaging in respectful conversations on difficult topics, the Safe Communities Act, the legal status of immigrants, and intersections between immigration justice and Epiphany's other Mission and Outreach initiatives. 

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70 Church Street
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