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Toward the Destination

April 07, 2022 1:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Jeremy Bruns, Interim Director of Music at Parish of the Epiphany, at an organ console“I expected the worst, and it was worse than I expected.” ~ attributed to Henry Adams

I was probably eight years old when my parents first took me to a Six Flags amusement park in my native Texas. My mother loved roller coasters, and managed to convince me to ride the Runaway Mine Train with her — hardly a roller coaster by modern standards, but scary to a youngster nonetheless. Though only a bit over three minutes, the ride felt endless! The initial slow tug up what seemed to be an enormous climb produced much anxiety, and then the ride ‘proper’ began. Many screams and heart palpitations later, we were finally thrust up to what I thought was the loading/unloading building; I had survived. Another slow tug up to the building ensued, as I pronounced how glad I was that the ride was finally over. Just as I started to breathe normally again, I realized the building we were pulling into wasn’t the loading/unloading building, but rather a pretend Saloon with plastic people and decorations. Suddenly, there was no floor in front of us, and our train was heading straight down toward a lake! We went through an underwater tunnel at what seemed like lightning speed, and then did indeed reach the final destination.

For much of the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, it felt as if we were riding together on a train, in the back car, unable to see forward. More recently, we seemed to make our way to the front of the train, and ‘thought’ that we could at last see where we were headed. However, as we approached what seemed to be a stopping point, we instead found ourselves in the make-believe Saloon. The ride continues, and sometimes it feels as if the floor has dropped beneath us yet again, as we plunge into a dark tunnel. Where will we be when we emerge this time? Perhaps Jesus felt the same way as the time for his final entry into Jerusalem approached.

“Courage is not the absence of fear; it is a commitment to something greater than fear.” ~ Robert Holden

How easy it would have been, at many junctures, to just throw in the towel, overcome with frustration and uncertainty. Cory Muscara, former monk and author of Stop Missing Your Life, says this: “The most difficult moments of life can bring the greatest growth, perspective, and insight. They can also drop us into vulnerability, making us more receptive to things like love, connection, honesty, and authenticity. We’re more likely to connect to the people we care about and reprioritize what is most important in life.” Friends, I hope that you’re holding on to what you find most important, and that you will stay in touch and connected during the seasons ahead. Whatever the path forward turns out to be, and however long this journey takes, I am glad to be in good company for all of the challenges and thrills along the way!

All best wishes for a meaningful Holy Week and a joyous Easter Day,
Jeremy Bruns

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