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On Thanks Giving

November 23, 2023 1:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Stock image of a family praying over Thanksgiving dinnerIt can be hard to give thanks. From an early age, we learn to say the words that we may have forgotten: "thank you." Giving thanks on Thanksgiving is often shaped by football, family, and food. But not always. Sometimes people do give thanks when they are alone, or hungry, or unentertained. This is possible, I imagine, because giving thanks is something we all can do while life is still within us. Giving thanks gives us life.

And yet, today might be a hard day to give thanks. I'm not sure where you are or what you are feeling. But, if today leaves you feeling hollowed out, then know you aren't alone. The weight of the world is felt by many and, in that feeling, we are one. But, if today your thanks is clear, then do not hold it in or keep it for yourself, for such life is needed all around.

As I sit down today, on this Thanksgiving, and take a breath, to let go of all that I've falsely believed that I alone can do, know that among my thanks, will be you. I am fortunate that some of the great gifts of my life are gathered round me — they have names, and cowlicks, and sticky fingers. And some gifts are not nearby, but scattered far across time and space and beyond, now. But you, my Epiphany family, are a gift completely given, completely unearned, gratuitous — thanks to God. For God has called us together. And I am thankful. 

So know this: Even as there is weight in the waiting to see what we will become, what our world will be, I give thanks that God does not let us go, and does not let us be without each other. I am grateful for you. Happy Thanks Giving, beloved.

See you Sunday,

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