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What is Faith to Us?

October 26, 2018 12:48 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Faith is knowing that no matter what the day hands you, God is with you. This Church is with you.

When we christened our two girls in this Church, we thought we would teach them this traditionally through weekly sermons and Sunday School lessons. Never would we have thought that it would instead be learned experientially during some of our toughest days. Never did we think our Faith as a family would be solidified during a year that we were not permitted (through doctor’s orders) to step foot through Epiphany’s doors.

It all began with Thomas’ blessing for our family in our home a few days prior to Jason’s stem cell transplant. It was a few days before Jason would be in the hospital isolated and away from the girls for 30 days over the Christmas holiday and yet we never felt stronger in our Faith. We knew God had us in His hands. We knew that Thomas and this Church wrapped us in an embrace so tight that it literally held us together. The day after Jason’s transplant (Christmas Day), we received a handwritten, thoughtful note from Thomas very simply proclaiming, “New Life awaits.” That note remains on our family bulletin board as a symbol of the Faith that surrounded us when we needed it the most. Faith that was not questioned when we were feeling weak and scared, but Faith that was strengthened and abundant from this community.

That note went on to also represent the many ways that during that year-long isolation we were anything BUT alone. Whether it was Brett Johnson and the Tuesday Prayer Group passionately praying for us (a family many did not even know), or the prayer squares we received to rub during stressful moments, or the blankets that were quilted for us by a skilled and thoughtful parishioner, or Sarah’s smile when she never judged us for our always late holiday flower donations, or Miriam and Carolyn’s gentle ways of checking in without needing to say a word. Again, at a time when it was impossible for us to connect with this community within its beautiful brick walls, we never felt so connected and loved. We know that connection can be found to some degree in other communities, but we BELIEVE it is truly unique HERE and what makes Epiphany so very special.

The story of our journey here at Epiphany is unique to us and our personal journey that God has put us on thus far. That, to us, is the miracle of Faith. It is not something that is the same for everyone, yet when you open your heart and your eyes to it, it is there for everyone to take in. And to us, there is no better place to absorb and spread that Faith than here at Epiphany. We hope that you will join us on our journey.

Jason, Robin, Maggie, and Alexandra Shevland

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